Volunteers from the Sims-Lohman home office in Cincinnati, Ohio brought their adopted 4th grade class in on Wednesday for a fun and educational field trip!

The morning visit culminated over a year-long commitment with the Adopt-A-Class foundation who partners directly with the Cincinnati Public School system. In the beginning of the year, every participating company is paired with one classroom and works with the teacher to work out a mutually agreed upon schedule. Teams then visit monthly at the school site and bring approved educational presentations, activities, games and snacks for the classroom.

During our home office tour, the children were divided into manageable groups to safely walk around our fabrication facility and alternate between design, operations and safety stations. Team leaders incorporated interactive math and science components into the lessons, which was hopefully relative to what they may be learning about Chemistry and Math. They were very surprised to learn that yes, our design teams indeed use fractions when measuring a kitchen countertops that will be cut out of Granite! Our company superhero, Sims-Lo Man (aka Ben Roemer), who fights for safety, service and performance also accompanied groups around the facility. Then best of all, they enjoyed a yummy LaRosa’s pizza lunch in our break-room.

Our volunteer team has immensely enjoyed the experience and hope the children have learned about the building and construction industry in which we work. The goal has been to incorporate the sense that completing high school and college years are important in life.

We would highly recommend that other companies consider teaming with AAC in the upcoming year. Visit their website at the above link to learn more about their organization.