In the 25th Anniversary edition of ProSales Magazine, Sims-Lohman was ranked #10  as a Top Ten Specialty Dealer in the nation. Overall ranking was #43 out of 100, up from last years 45th ranking in 2016.

The ProSales 100 consists of the nation’s 100-biggest pro-oriented building material distributors. Their rankings are based on the dollar volume of sales to professional contractors. ProSales staff reports that in terms of real revenue per start, the 2017 ProSales 100 dealers were 64% more efficient, and in real revenue per employee, 2017’s group was 15% better than how dealers did in 2005.

The Big 10

Editor in Chief, Craig Webb reported that the 10 biggest firms account for just under 70% of all 100’s revenues coming in at $34.45 billion. Of those 2,838 facilities, nearly 66% account for that total. Compared with a year-earlier performance, the top 10 ranked companies outpaced the next 90 on three major categories followed: revenue growth (up 17.2% for the top 10, 11.9% for the other 90), facilities (up 3.9% vs. a 2.9% rise), and personnel (a 10.2% gain at the top 10 vs. a 7.9% increase for the rest).

If you are interested in viewing any of the other companies Sims-Lohman was ranked with, click on the blue link above to download the article in its entirety.

The Sims-Lohman growth continues in many of our markets. If you or someone who you know is a qualified candidate, please contact!